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My Why | A Personal Post

As a mother and business owner, my life sometimes resembles a zoo full of mentally deranged monkeys.

Or a kindergarten classroom after someone brings in birthday cupcakes.

It is chaos.

My house is never clean. I am not a Pinterest mom. Sometimes I forget things like school picture day or our anniversary (*gasp*)

When my daughter asked why we don’t have an Elf of the Shelf I just laughed. (Maybe next year munchkin.)

I work 2 jobs. I have a full time career in public service because it pays the bills. It’s an important job, it is rewarding, but it also carries a lot of stress and responsibility.

I am learning every day to see the beauty in the details there. My little grey cubicle is covered in colorful fabrics and inspirational quotes and pictures of these two beauties (and my handsome partner-in-crime).



A Full Life

On top of my full time job, I have two daughters, a fiancé and a puppy (ie destroyer of all things, epic cuddler, love ball).

And my precious, blossoming business. This gig is my love child. It keeps my soul going when my day job is rough. Most importantly, my craft keeps my artists heart alive and beating when I’m overwhelmed with other people’s crises.

It has been such a blessing, meeting amazing clients who become friends, capturing their unique stories and experiencing the way they love one another. But, it is a juggling act.

I often have to stop myself mid panic attack when the deadlines are looming and remember my “why.” The reason I work two jobs.



It’s Not Easy

I would be lying if I told you every day is sunshine and daisies, that I wake up glowing like a Snapchat filter, ready to rock and roll. It gets rough sometimes.

I live with anxiety that makes it difficult to stay grounded.

I drink WAY too much caffeine, and I’m convinced that being tired is my new normal.

But, I want my daughters to grow up seeing what it means to chase your dreams.

To throw yourself into something you love, something you’re passionate about, 100 percent.

To see what it means to not give up on something just because it is hard.



Because let’s face it, life is hard.

Every single thing worth having takes HARD WORK.

My relationship with my partner takes effort.

Raising our children takes blood, sweat and tears sometimes.

In the same way that I want my marriage to demonstrate healthy expectations and respect, I want to show them what it means to persevere in the midst of adversity.

They need to see in action, that things worth having aren’t just handed to you. That you have to fight for what you love.



My daughters are my WHY.

They are the fuel that keeps me going. These two beauties are why I set boundaries on my business and *usually* only book one shoot a weekend. They deserve my time.

It is a constant exercise of balancing work and family. Their future dreams are why I don’t give up on my own.

With this in mind, I challenge you all to focus on your why when the days get long and anxiety starts to kick in. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is worth it. These images are my constant reminder. <3



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