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Tips & Tricks for your In-Home Newborn Session


Congratulations on your new addition!

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, bringing home a new little one is such a special and fleeting time. I am so excited to help capture these moments and details while your baby is still so fresh and new.

Having your picture taken can be overwhelming, even under normal circumstances, but even more so when you are also getting used to a newborn in your home. The first few weeks can be chaotic and emotional, so I’ve put together some tips & tricks for a successful in home lifestyle newborn session.


For Baby:

> Make sure you feed baby just before our session. We may even top baby off a couple times during the session, just to keep his or her tummy full and happy.

> Loosen up!! Please loosen baby’s diaper and any tight clothing at least thirty minutes before our session so any unnatural wrinkles or imprints have time to fade.

> Everyone loves imagery of peaceful sleeping babies. It’s not the end of the world if baby is awake, those wide-eyed shots are gold! But do your best to wear him or her out before the session. Keep them awake and engaged as much as you can in the morning before I arrive. 


For Mom & Dad (and siblings):

> Plan to wear comfortable neutrals that won’t clash with your home décor. (Simple patterns are okay, as long as they are minimal and used more as an accent) We will be including shots of everyone for some family and lifestyle pictures in addition to solo shots of baby, so keep that in mind when getting ready.

> Dad, make sure Mom gets a chance to shower if she wants to!! No one wants pictures of their greasy spit-up hair!

> Don’t worry about the bags under your eyes or if everything matches perfectly. You look beautiful, regardless of whether you’re feeling like it or not. I don’t want to cause any more added stress than necessary. This process can be overwhelming but we want to also make sure you have fun and enjoy this time with your new family member!!

> Be sure to RELAX!! Babies can pick up on the stress and frustration so take time to really enjoy your baby and don’t sweat the small stuff.


For the Home:  

> Don’t feel like you need to deep clean before I come. Life with a newborn leaves very little time for housework! Just try to shove any clutter in the closet the night before and make your bed (like when your mother in law tells you she’s coming by in half an hour.) Or even better, ask her or maybe a good friend to clean your house the day before.

Most of the time your loved ones are just waiting to see how they can help you out with the little one! AND it’s a double win for you, beautiful pictures AND a clean house! Just keep in mind when straightening up that if you don’t want something photographed, shove it in the closet. I will also try to move things if I notice them while shooting.

> This one is super important, maybe the MOST important!! Warm up your house. Depending on the season, you may need to crank the heater or turn off the AC before our session. You can crank the AC back up as soon as we’re done, I promise!!

> Pay attention to the light in your home. I am a natural light photographer, so think about which rooms are the best lit. Roll up any blinds or curtains that may be blocking the light from entering.



I know it seems like a lot. Just do what you can and don’t let it overwhelm you. Our goal is to capture your new little one, and your new bigger family, during this magical and fleeting time.

There is nothing more precious than a new baby in your life. I am so excited to play a part in that story by preserving those memories for you with authentic newborn photography!!


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