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Grady | Atascadero In Home Newborn Photography


This Atascadero newborn photography session was such a relaxed and playful morning! The first few weeks with a new baby in the house are a whirlwind of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, endless loads of laundry and trying to soak up all the newborn snuggles you can. Having pictures taken can be a daunting undertaking, but my goal is always to keep it simple and relaxed. Having two babies of my own, I know first hand how tiring those early days are and taking care of my clients is my priority.

Life with a new baby is hectic. Add in an older sibling, or postpartum depression, and things ramp up to unforeseen levels of chaos. Suddenly, your baby is three months old and you start to forget how little they were sleeping in your arms. You forget the way your partner rocked them back to sleep after a midnight feeding. The peach fuzz hair, the arm and leg rolls, the way their eyelids flutter and their lips pucker in their sleep. Those things fade away as they grow into crawlers, explorers, and then toddlers. You can’t stop time. But you can document those memories to revisit in the coming months and years!

During this newborn session in Atascadero, big brother took a while to warm up to my presence. So we played games! He showed me his toys, we had story time and FINALLY he was ready to show off his newborn brother! Working with toddlers isn’t about forcing them to smile for you, it’s about treating them like they are just as important as the baby. Listening to their favorite things and earning their trust – that’s when their big personalities shine!

My love for in-home newborn sessions comes from the belief that those early days are precious. The way a big brother looks at his new best friend and future wrestling partner, the family dog curled up by the crib, the mess of blankets and toys and baby things strewn about the play room. Every beautiful, fleeting memory. They are important. Above all, they tell your family’s story. That is why I love in home newborn sessions.


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